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Weekly Portfolio Update 100

I am up to the portfolio update 100 and it is good to see your comments indicating that you appreciated what I am doing. I am hopeful the markets do their bit to celebrate this post and continue their way up. After having a really good week the week before last, the Australian share market continued to advance, although by a much smaller level. This led to many more buying opportunities for next week and could mean some healthy profits in the near future. If the indicators are wrong however it will mean that the portfolio goes into negative territory for the first time.

Before I went away I mentioned that I would like to change the way I present the portfolio. Rather than always buying 10k worth of shares, I will use a percentage of the capital I have available for any purchases. This will give a better picture about performance as any profits are re-invested. Unfortunately having just returned from holidays I have been a bit busy this week and will set this up in the next two weeks. So for now any news buys will still be added to the existing portfolio. I will however transfer them to the new one once everything is set up.

Last Monday we added 5 stocks to the portfolio they were APA, AXA, HVN, STO, WBC. Three of them continued to rise slightly while the other two retreated. Still early days though. Looking ahead I have another 5 stocks joining the portfolio on Monday as they are fulfilling the buying criteria according to the Home Study Course materials. They are ANZ (Australia & New Zealand Bank), BOQ (Bank of Queensland), ORI (Orica Ltd), WES (Wesfarmers Ltd) and WPL (Woodside Petroleum).  It will be interesting to watch if the Australian banks follow the European trade and open sharply lower on Monday.

The transactions for this week were:

10th October:  Buy 2433 APA at 4.11
10th October: Buy 329 AXS at 30.44
10th October: Buy 4425 HVN at 2.26
10th October: Buy 829 STO at 12.07
10th October: Buy 470 WBC at 21.29

Before I finish today’s post, I am just wondering if any of you have tried posting to the Basic_Charting forum lately? I have written two posts lately and none of them has been published yet (in the last two weeks). Anyway feel free to use this blog for any questions you may have.

The portfolio as of 14th of October is

Current and Closed Positions
Investment: 910,022.26
Current Value: 974,175.85
Profit / Loss: 64,153.58 7.05 %
Current Positions
Investment: 80,028.22
Current Value: 82,471.84
Profit / Loss: 2,443.62 3.05 %
Closed Positions
Investment: 829,994.05
Value at Close: 891,704.01
Profit / Loss: 61,709.96 7.43 %
Current Holdings:
Code Qty Buy Price Current Price Profit/Loss %
APA 2,433 4.11 4.15 97.32 0.97
ASX 329 30.44 30.27 -55.93 -0.56
CPA 10,929 0.92 0.94 218.58 2.19
HVN 4,425 2.26 2.21 -221.25 -2.21
STO 829 12.07 12.45 315.02 3.15
TEL 5,848 1.71 1.99 1,637.44 16.37
TLS 3,356 2.98 3.07 302.04 3.02
WBC 470 21.29 21.61 150.40 1.50
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